RV Rentals

Don't you just love the words RV and fleet together.
I think RV convoy.  How fun is that.
A convoy of camping pals even better!!

If you are interested in some of the RV tours and don't have a motorhome, let me introduce you to our rental fleet.


"Kountry Camper"

**  picture coming soon  **


Sleeps 7
Fridge, stove, AC, full bath
Fully renovated interior.


"Green Giant"

**  picture coming soon  **


Fridge, stove, AC, full bath.
Fully renovated interior.



** picture to come **


"The RV Van"

** picture coming soon **

For the single traveller.


Our RV rentals

*Unlimited Mileage or KM for the duration of the tour.
(Does not include fuel)
*stocked kitchen with fridge, stove and microwave
(Does not include food)
*bedroom bedding
*additional bedding for up to 4 people
*full baths include shower, toilet and sink
*Fully renovated interior.

** All our vehicles are safety inspected, professional maintained
and comply with all government road conditions.**

Share the Costs

If you are renting one of our RVs, share the cost with another member.
Share the costs and share the driving.
Our prices are based on RV rentals, not per person.
Tours however, are based on per person.