Club Info and Fees

Club Information and Fees

The annual fee is $50.
You will be issued an Elegant Traveller number which will allow you to participate in all of our activities, thoughts and recommendations on future tours, personal attention, invites all over the country, monthly newsletter and best of all - belong to an awesome road travelling woman's ground!

Getting from Point A to Point B

For out of area Elegant Travellers wanting to start the camping journey with the group.
Interested in taking one of the tours but live a distance away?
We have solutions.
*If you own your own RV,  then we can meet up with you at a designated location on route.
*If you are looking to rent one of our RVs, then transportation can be arranged via Grey Hound bus lines and we can pick you up at the bus terminal.  You can then start at the beginning of the convoy with the others.  You pay only the Grey Hound fees to and from your location.  Shuttle service to and from the terminal is free of charge.
* You can take a flight here, and we will pick you up at the airport terminal in Toronto.  You pay only the round trip flight costs.  Shuttle service to and from the airport terminal is free of charge.
*If you are using your own vehicle and don't need air or Grey Hound services, then directions can be given to our location.  Park your vehicle here and begin the journey with the others.

General Information

*All tour prices are based on Canadian dollars, unless otherwise indicated.
*Full hook-up sites include water, hydro and sewer.  
*Not all campgrounds offer WiFi.  Tour will indicate if it is available or not.

For further information please contact me at 



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